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PV -[I] Blue Raspberry Gummy Edible – 10mg/pc


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These Gummy Coins contain a delicious blast of flavor, reminiscent of your favorite blue raspberry confections. Topped with sparkling sugar, every coin supplies a discrete high with a mouth-watering flavor profile. With each coin weighing in at 10mg of THC each, you can choose the perfect dose for you!

Dosing Guide: First Time – Start out with 1/4 a gummy (approximately 2.5mg of THC) Been Awhile – Try half a gummy (5mg of THC) Frequently Enjoy – If you have tolerance, we suggest 1 gummy (10mg of THC) How long will the effects last? -The duration of the effects will depend on the individual and the amount taken. In general, the total experience will be approximately 4-10 hours. ALWAYS WAIT AT LEAST 90-120 MINUTES BEFORE TAKING ANOTHER DOSE *This information is a guide only


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