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About The Hidden Cure

THC is the world’s first private cannabis club. Membership is purchased through an NFT and owned by the token-holder.

Created by DTMedia, a team of passionate operators behind several celebrated cannabis concepts and brands. The Hidden Cure provides unmatched hospitality in a uniquely curated environment.

Our mission it to create a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Built on 3 core pillars Equity, Equality and Accountability. Removing the stigma of the unknown by providing a transparent view into the life of a startup at the beginning of the cannabis and NFT era.

Welcome to The High Culture!

Where it started

The Dream

How to build a transparent, professional, secure cannabis company, that provides real world data and a loyal following. An exclusive club for like minded individuals to enter the cannabis space covertly and safely. Providing a VIP experience and the opportunity for shared financial success and growth.

The Plan

A members only cannabis club. Utilize block chain technology and Decentralized Autonomous Organization concepts. Provide NFT holders operational and financial transparency with the ability to voice suggestions, concerns and voting rights. Reward NFT holders with coins of real world value for participation and voting on successful initiatives.

The Road Map

*Turn phone horizontal to see full roadmap

A Club built by you

The hottest brands, newest drops, widest range of products to choose from. Members set the menu from the brands they trust and the experience they want. Feeling high to living high.

Discreet, informative, recreational, or medicinal we have you covered. A tailored experience that fits your comfort level.

Shared experience provides a customized product profile for our members. Feedback is encouraged and rewarded. Membership also provides a vote on every aspect of The Hidden Cure experience.

Member pricing is exclusive to members only. The lowest prices in the industry. Members only marketplace of rare industry NFTs, Clothing and accessories.

Limited availability

Not your kids Cannabis company

If you want it, we will carry it!

Members vote on overall direction of products and service

Exclusive invites to concerts, local Brewery’s, wineries and much more

Exclusive invites to industry events

Members only marketplace for rare NFTs, Clothing, and accessories

Members only pricing

Members only Vip service

3 easy steps

Choose the NFT that is right for you.

Easy informative ordering.

The High Culture!

If you deserve Luxury

Northern California — the intersection of cannabis and new technology

Smart Cannabis. Next day, weekly, biweekly or monthly orders, exclusive to Northern California members. We work with you to provide the perfect no worry, no stress, plan thats right for you.

*We do not provide same day delivery

  • Sacramento County
  • San Joaquin County
  • Contra Costa County
  • Solano County
  • El Dorado County

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